3D filaments , what’s new in Winkle?

This back to school comes loaded with news in our online store of 3D filaments. Although in principle the summer serves to rest, in Winkle we have dedicated ourselves to filling our website with new colors and filament materials for 3d printers, do you want to know them?

In our process of constant improvement, we have introduced new 3d filaments to our catalog, but why do it all the same and give it a twist? That is why this time, in addition to creating new materials that inspire you for 3d printing, we have decided to give our filaments more rolled colors. That is why we have introduced new metallic colors of PLA filaments so that the colors do not limit your 3d prints and you will also do it without damaging the environment since it is one of the most respectful materials on the market.

Metallic colors in 3d printing are on the rise and it makes it easy for you to create amazing figures without having to paint your pieces afterwards. Don’t let colors limit your creativity when creating a design with a 3d printer.

But as we have already told you, we not only bring new colors, but we have also introduced two new types of 3d filaments to our online store, the PET-G and the ASA.

PET-G filament is Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET), which is the most widely used plastic in the world, with a modifier (Glycol-modified) that makes it a more transparent material, less fragile and easier to print, so it is an ideal material for 3d printing. It is a more resistant material than ABS and easier to print, although it melts at a higher temperature. It is a filament with very good mechanical characteristics since it is less fragile and more resistant than PLA, in addition to withstanding higher temperatures than it.


On the other hand, ASA filament is more resistant to UV rays than ABS, maintaining its mechanical properties, even when it is outdoors. This is due to the fact that it is composed of spherical particles of slightly cross-linked acrylate rubber, which modify the impact, in addition this rubber provides more resistance to weathering, UV radiation, long-term heat and greater chemical resistance. Therefore, it is an ideal material for 3d printing of designs that will be exposed to the elements as it preserves the brightness, color and mechanical properties.

Head over to our online 3D filament store and start the course discovering everything we can offer you so that your 3d prints have no limits. In addition, at Winkle we do not stop and we continue investigating to put more variety and new 3d filaments in your hands so that your designs continue to grow.

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