3D printing , What uses can it have?

Normally when we talk about 3d printing we do not think of an application to everyday life but rather as a hobby, but that is very far from reality since its uses are multiple and some are very relevant. At Winkle we know that 3d printing will be the future, but we want to tell you about the uses it already has today.

In dentistry, 3D printing is used for the creation of surgical guides that serve to let the dentist know exactly where to place an implant, in addition to creating dental models for the creation of implants. Apart from their use in dentistry, they are also beginning to be used in medicine for the creation of other types of 3D prostheses or bone reconstructions. In addition, the creation of limb immobilization elements, such as a plaster cast, or for the creation of corsets for the correction of certain diseases. Research in the field of 3d printing for medical use advances unstoppably since, with quality 3D filaments, the creation tailored to the needs of each patient is offered, that is why in the coming years we will see many news related to this countryside.

Creation of models and prototypes. In architecture, 3d printing is used for the creation of models, thus allowing to be able to teach reliably and quicker the ideas and construction architectonic models, showing the final image of the building. But this is not only used in architecture, since the 80s Ford has used 3d technology for prototyping.

In industrial engineering, 3d printing has facilitated the creation of mechanical parts, this facilitates the transition between the design of a part and its manufacture, and in the case of having to print large quantities it represents a great economic saving. But it is not only used in industrial engineering, but it is currently used in aeronautical engineering, since Airbus and Boeing make parts for their airplanes through 3d printing.

But beyond engineering and medicine there are more common uses of 3d printing, from the creation of custom accessories for mobile phones, very fashionable in countries such as the United States or Germany, to toys or figures through the creation of jewelry and clothes.

It is clear that 3d printing has been going strong and every day we will have more news about products created using this technique. It is important to emphasize that beyond the playful component of 3d printing we have to take into account that its uses in our common life are many and some are amazing.

At Winkle we want you to be, whatever your creation, whether for recreational use or for the creation of everyday objects, you can count on our quality 3D filaments made in Spain. In our online store winkle.shop you can find the latest colors and types of filaments and you can be informed of all the news in the field of 3d printing. We also do research to create 3d filaments that adapt to the new uses of this type of printing, because we believe in the enormous potential that 3D has to change the way we manufacture our world.

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