After many tests and work, new colors of 3D filament come to light. This new capsule brings four summer colors and one of them is very special for us.


A brand is much more than a symbol, a logo or a slogan, it is a strategic asset for companies and its value lies in the ability to gain exclusive and positive space in the minds of consumers.

With Winkle we have managed to make a niche for ourselves in the 3D printing market as filament manufacturers by working in our brand that is why, our latest innovation has been to launch one of our corporate colors: PURPLE WINKLE, a color that represents the passion that we put into our work.

Nuevos colores filamentos 3d

Orange Nemo, Coral with particles and Pink Nacar are the other new colors, now available on the web!

Our PLA-HD filaments are manufactured with a raw material and a process that not only manages to match PLA850 in properties, but also surpasses it in some aspects. Thanks to our exhaustive quality control, we guarantee a constant diameter throughout the winding, something that will make your prints of much higher quality, avoiding jams in your machine.

We highlight our coral color with particles, a vibrant and elegant color with small flashes of light. To print with this filament it is very important that you use the 0.6 mm nozzle.

We are looking forward to seeing your creations! You can mention us on your social networks 😉

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