New PLA HD Shiny Purple filament

The start of a new course brings with it many new features. In Winkle we did not want to be less, and therefore, we wanted to introduce in our collection of filaments a new color. 

We welcome…


Why purple? 

Purple is the flagship color of our Winkle filaments: it represents the passion we put into our work every day. One of our goals is to make our brand recognizable to the widest possible audience. Doing so through the senses, and in this case sight, allows us to achieve a differentiating and competitive value within the market. This is how we added a new filament to our range of purple colors. 

On the other hand, according to several studies, the purple tone represents in psychology imagination, creativity, mystery and magic, and what better than these concepts to welcome a month full of opportunities and new beginnings. 
In addition, this filament has a very special feature. Many of you makers wrote to us asking us to expand our collection of filaments with particles. We have fulfilled your requests, and this is how Shiny Purple contains small particles that will make all your creations shine.

Made in PLA HD (1.75mm or 2.85mm), our filament is manufactured in Spain for 3D printers with FFF/FDM technology. PLA is a biodegradable plastic obtained from natural resources from starch extracted from corn, beet and wheat.

Thanks to our exhaustive quality control, we guarantee a constant diameter throughout the winding, which will ensure the highest possible quality prints. PLA HD filament avoids clogging in the printer.

Our rigorous filament creation process guarantees the absence of impurities that can modify the physical, chemical and aesthetic properties of the product.

Characteristics of PLA-HD Bright Purple filament

New filament PLA Shiny Purple

What are you waiting for to try this new color?

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