The world of 3D printing doesn’t stop, improving, developing and innovating.

We are always looking for new materials that can provide us with new properties besides being increasingly more respectful with the environment. At Winkle we are committed to this 3D filament innovation and that is why we created the PLA HD CORK, a biodegradable filament made in Spain with a natural wooden finish effect.

Winkle’s 3D PLA HD CORK filament is composed of 50% PLA, a biodegradable plastic that is obtained from starches as corn, beets and wheat, and a 50% from natural cork, which makes it a totally biodegradable product.

In addition this filament, which has a high load of natural cork, gives us a similar finish to wood or cork and opening a wide range of possibilities when making a 3d print, giving us many possibilities in the making of original decoration designs such as planters, table elements, etc.

Currently, in the world of decoration, wooden elements are widely used by decorators. Why not create them ourselves and make them unique?

Winkle’s PLA HD CORK filament is available in 1.75 mm or 2.85 mm and can be used in 3D printers with FFF / FDM technology. Printing can be done from 200 ºC to 230 ºC where we can achieve different shades and finishes, although to achieve a wooden-like finish we recommend printing at 230 ºC.

Go ahead! try out our new wooden-finished filament. Create new designs with the most natural looks and with all the insulating properties of cork.

At Winkle we do not stop innovating so you can continue to evolve in your 3d prints. Try our new PLA HD CORK filament and get super original designs with our wooden finish efect.

Visit our online store,, and discover this filament and our color novelties. We will surprise you for sure.

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