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At Winkle we are aware of the need to help NGOs, that is why we create alliances to further promote their social causes and above all, to involve society within the different altruistic activities, such as donations.

When we learned about the project carried out by Guillermo, CEO of Ayúdame3d, we could not resist and decided to contact them to collaborate with their cause.

When we learned about the project carried.out by Guillermo, Ayúdame3d CEO, we could not resist and decided to contact him to collaborate with their cause.

Guillermo told us how one day he discovered that, by making articulated prosthetic arms, printed in 3D, he could change the lives of many people; also how was his first trip to Kenya with the suitcase loaded with arms; and he showed us that helping is much easier than we think.

If you still do not know what we are talking about, Ayúdame3d is a Spanish entity that promotes the social value of technology through technological-social awareness programs in order to help vulnerable groups around the world.

Logo Ayúdame3d

That is why he creates and delivers 3D printed arms, called trésdesis, free for people with disabilities.

Their mission is to reduce the inequality, improving life quality and providing better opportunities for employability and schooling.

At Winkle, we decided play our part into their cause and, above all, that our filament serve to help those who need it most.

And what better than our 3d printing filament to reach any part of the world thanks to Ayúdame3d.

And said and done, we sent 60 3D filament spools, neither more nor less, to Ayúdame3D headquarters in Madrid.

Bobina filamento 3d Winkle

Among those spools, we included skin-colored filament such as leather PLA HD, Ebony PLA HD, copper PLA HD, natural ASA, acacia PLA HD… ideal for printing hand, arm and forearm prostheses.

This filament was used to print trésdesis, clasifies into three types:

Hand for people with a wrist. You can open and close your fingers thanks to the movement of your wrist.


Arm for people with elbow. You can open and close your fingers thanks to the movement of the elbow.


Arm for people without elbow. You can open and close your fingers thanks to the movement of the shoulder. Innovation from Ayúdame3D.

And they not only print prostheses, but also make pillboxes or boxes to cover chemotherapy bags, especially designed for children.

Our fluorine and livelier 3d filaments, such as nemo orange PLA HD, winkle purple PLA HD, yellow and green flourescent PLA HD, mauve HD PLA, avocado green PLA HD etc …
We are looking forward to seeing the pieces that print!

One of the best lessons from this collaboration has been knowing that helping is easy. That it is easy and possible; and that it doesn’t take much to make it possible.

And what better way to do it with Ayúdame3d.

Thanks for your work!

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