We are passion, we are Winkle

One of the most complex and necessary tasks of companies operating in the market is building their brand. This process, known as branding, is not just about the name or the chosen image, it is also directly related to the sensation it causes in the target audience. The brand of a company is related to the experience of its customers. And this implies persistence, talent and a lot of dedication. All marketing actions must be strategically taken care of, especially now, in an international context of uncertainty due to the pandemic in which we currently find ourselves.

Consejos para la construcción de una marca

Winkle was born as a creative brand where color is our main asset; and in addition, our hallmarks come into play, which are: passion, joy and transparency. It is this value, one of the main values for our company, since we are close and transparent with all clients. #bewinkle

Our corporate colors represent the creativity and joy with which we manufacture 3D filament and the passion with which we communicate with our customers.

Winkle was born with the motivation to offer the market an innovative product that meets quality standards and focusing on careful attention to private customers and distributors. One of our main goals is sustainability. As a brand, we want to contribute to achieving sustainable development at a global level and we have it in our hands, that 3D filament consumers choose sustainable, reused and recycled products. We know that consumers’ awareness is growing and want to know what we buy.

For this reason, we create a new recicled 3D filament, created from the excess material in order to cease the actual manufacture of 3D filament. Click on this post and learn our manufacturing process of out recycled 3D filament.

Our brand philosophy is captured in this video:

3D printing technologies are becoming increasingly popular in many sectors. This fact is most evident when you look at the number of industries that use additive manufacturing. This includes not only the aerospace, construction and medical industries, but also the sports and motor industry.

Winkle is a Spanish brand and a feeling that crosses borders. France, Portugal, Panama and Mexico already enjoy our filaments. We are passion, we are Winkle.

If you want to collaborate with us in our global growth, you just have to fill out the form and we will get in touch with you;)

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