2019 is coming to an end. A year of great changes at Winkle and where we have changed our image to show the type of company we really are: innovative, creative and well-rounded. We have not only had changes in our image but also we haven’t stopped researching and offering new HQ 3D filaments with incredible colors, therefore you’ll never stop creating.


Our first change was the name, the colors and the online store. We went from “All Colors” to Winkle. We developed an easier web page to show and share to all 3D printers’ fans around the world our true philosophy and not only our wide range of different filaments and colors but our love to 3D printing. This new page in purple, green and white colors represent our devotion, joy and transparency which defines Winkle’s philosophy.

Besides our change to this new image, we’ve had many other novelties, such as the metallic colored filaments that we presented in September or the new PET-G and ASA filaments of great quality that facilitates 3D printing with better features.

Also this year and thanks to our friends from MY LITTLE FACTORY, we’ve been fortunate to be in two locations in Salamanca for our 3D filaments sale.                                    


The first one is located inside the supermarket E.Leclrec and the second one at the shopping center El Tormes, at the POP-UP store located on the main floor next to the rocket which will be open until January 21st, 2020.

At Winkle we are passionate about 3D printing, so we did not want to miss the opportunity to participate in this initiative and give direct advice and exchange experiences with all of you.

We could not end this year without mentioning our sponsorship to Salamanca’s football team, Unionistas de Salamanca C.F, a team that we are really proud of, for its values, motivation and its tribute to the former Union Deportiva Salamanca, a club that disappeared in 2013. Hopefully this year they will bring us more happiness so we can keep celebrating together. #UnionistasDeYParaSalamanca


We wanted to put a finishing touch to such emotional year with several special novelties.                                            

We have launched the Sweet Pastel collection, 5 filaments in pastel colors, very soft and very sweet.                                                                              

You can also buy in our online store the newest PLA Cork, a high quality brown filament that mimics wood and with which you can create unique designs.

Finally, for this Christmas we could not miss our major gift for children, Filaments for 3D pens! Packs of different colors that can be used with all 3D pens on the market, except the ones of low temperature, with them, children can let their imagination fly and create their own 3D designs.

As you can see, our 2019 was loaded with changes and novelties so when creating with your 3D printer you will not have any limitations using our filaments.

Do not miss following us during 2020 because we plan to continue surprising you so you can keep creating amazing stuff.

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