Winkle: Company committed to the environment

Faithful to the commitment to the environment, the idea arose to find a new supplier of spools for our filament. After searching for more sustainable spools, we opted for the Alpaplastic brand.

What make this 3D spools different?

These new 3D spools have an asymmetric five section design and straight “diamond” ribs and the best part is that they are manufactured from recycled materials from the garbage.

At Winkle we are already sustainable

At the end of 2020 at Winkle we were launching our recycled 3D filament. This PLA-HD filament is created from the waste generated in the production of the filaments. We want to make to our contribution to stop global warming and the accumulation of garbage.

What is a sustainable company?

Sustainable companies are those that seek the best management of resources with the least possible impact on the environment. These companies understand that to be competitive they must be responsible with the environment.

“Being green is fashionable” and although not all companies see it clearly to assess the return on investment or generate short-term benefits, it is necessary that they implement measures aimed at carrying a philosophy of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Far from being altruistic actions, it has been proven that following this business line helps to improve relations with all the company’s stakeholders.

This was born as a trend and is here to stay. One of the reasons that have encouraged companies has been the influence of international markets, as well as the concern of consumers.

Most common sustainable practices in companies

Being a sustainable company is not only valid with words, it is necessary to create actions and implement them in the day-to-day of companies that help take care of our environment. Therefore, today we want to share some of the simplest sustainable actions that your company can carry out:

  • Take care of the consumption of resources by saving water and electricity.
  • Recycling programs, the company must be sensitive to the recycling products such as paper, glass, and electronic components, these increasingly common due to planned obsolescence.
  • Plastic elimination as far as possible in production and consumption processes, favoring the principle of circular economy in our company.

Regardless of the sector in which your company is positioned, committed to being a benchmark in sustainable business, since it will save costs in production processes.

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